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Saturday, October 07, 2006

a vision of a better world

today, i feel like a little prose, or it what you will. it's fiction, anyway (some would say, impossible)....

a vision of another world that's possible:

two kids spot each other across the ridge

the ridge where the wall used to stand

their eyes hold suspicion, fear....but it's the fear born from parental 'guidance', and kids are wont to ignore such things

one disappears from sight a moment

the other child looks around and

there, the child reappears again much closer

holding a lizard in his hand

the lizard suddenly becomes much more compelling than the parental-born notions of fear

and the child sidles closer, interested, studying

the little creature is quick, he knows, and hard to catch

that other child must be quite fast to have caught one like that

he wants to ask him how he did it

but he doesn't know the words

they don't speak the same language, see....

but the other boy hears the question anyway, and motions a distance away, trotting off

the boy follows, and in a small dusty gulley, sees the trick.....

a trap, made of a loop of string, to catch the lizard when he's lazing in the sun

ingenious! he thinks, and laughs aloud

the other boy joins in

they set about catching lizards

and soon they are joined by a couple of other kids....

this is the beginning, see.....

they don't speak the same language


but they both speak the language of kids

they stay at it all afternoon

catching lizards

and letting them go

returning at dusk to their parents, whose faces are aghast when they find out where their children have been

but they're ready

they gulp, and try to swallow their fear

they are ready

to move on

from the fear

and the hate

that has governed their lives

for too long.


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